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The backpack life 

The backpack life 

I remember the first day I saw someone wearing a backpack and bringing the trend back into our lives! I was in a bar and a girl I knew was wearing the cutest outfit and had a lightweight black leather backpack on and she was rocking the look! ‘Nope, I’d never pull that off’ I remember thinking to myself and carried on with my clutches and handbags.

Then I couldn’t escape it! Everyone was wearing them and you couldn’t get away from them when shopping on the high street- I do love a big chunky handbag but recently I’ve being filling it with god knows what (chocolate wrappers, let’s be honest) and my arms were starting to hurt a bit. That’s when it happened-my Kurt Geiger handbag just broke on me. It was raining, I was in the middle of London and my pride also broke that day as I cuddled my bag all the way down the escalators and onto the tube looking like the worlds biggest numpty. 

So now things have changed! I made the plunge and I bought a shiny new black backpack from Kurt Geiger and I must say, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time! And here’s the reason why…

1.) It’s SO lightweight! Not only do I not have to lug around a hefty tote bag everywhere but I have free hands!! It sounds ridiculous but it makes things like shopping and other activities much more easier. 

2.) The compact space means I only need to take out essentials so I’m not lugging nonsense around with me and I can quickly access what I need when I need it. 

3.) It feels nice and safe. Yes, I’m sure most pickpocketers can access almost any bag but it’s not something you can just dip your hand in to.

So if you are thinking of swapping to a backpack, then I’d definitely recommend it! You don’t have to give up the chunky bags for life, but give your arms a rest for the time being 😉

Soph x

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