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The Allergy Show Review! 

The Allergy Show Review! 

Good evening to my lovely blog readers! 

It’s raining and I’m wrapped up in my apartment with my dressing gown on feeling super cosy and ready to get my blog on ❤️ 

I visited the Allergy & Free from show a few weeks ago and left with lots of goodies! Whilst I didn’t find the event particularly helpful for my allergies, I can imagine for those with other allergies such as gluten found it extremely useful and could probably take a lot away from it. I really hope they find a tomato alternative and start shouting out about it soon! But anyway.. 

When you’re there, there is a stand where you can go and take some goodie bags which are completely free. They actually gave myself and my partner two each so we had load of bits to bring home! We unpacked it all here and had a look at what we got so I thought it would be great to do a review! So let’s take a look in my goodie bag! 

First up was this Skin Brilliance drink which immediately caught my eye due to the gorgeous colour of the bottle! It’s from a company called Beauty & Go and this particular one was red grape in flavour. The idea of it is to help your skin as its bio active and to keep it healthy. It was quite sweet in taste and a sort of light browny colour so I was intrigued. I drank a few sips however it just wasn’t for me sadly however I’m normally very picky with drinks so I imagine some people would love it and it sounds like it’s good for you! 

Second but probably one of my faves! Sweet Freedom chocolate spread- I mean who doesn’t love it! It’s a natural version so it does make you feel less naughty for having it! Spot on for toast and crepes! This will stay in my cupboard! 

Okay so maybe this one is my favourite! I can’t decide! I’m a lover of most haircare products if I’m honest because looking after your hair is so important and I feel I can’t stress it enough! We put our hair through so much nowadays that a little TLC is always needed. Noughty have a leave in conditioner which is 97% natural and all I can say is that it did wonders for my hair. Once I’d washed it out, it was super soft and shiny. The girls at work were complimenting it all day and who doesn’t love a compliment! I recommend this one 100%! Thank you Noughty! 

After haircare, skincare seems only natural to talk about next. So many people have sensitive or dry skin and after trying this moisturiser my skin did feel really soft and lovely. The pack again recommends using it for two weeks to see the difference in improving dry skin so I’d have to try it out properly to know. Lovely moisturiser though! 

I love sugar. I shouldn’t, but I do so this sweetener wasn’t a massive deal for me but it turns out that a lot of people are intolerant or allergic to sugar. All I can say is that here is your answer! 

Hmmm. How do you feel about Seaweed? Sorry but just the thought puts me off straight away. I hate it in the sea so I can’t imagine crunching on it! However… A colleague of mine at work has recently discovered her allergies and after taking these to her, she was obsessed! She was crunching away happy as Larry. So thank you Itsu for keeping my staff happy!

No no no- not a fan! Sorry! Again, would be great for some but just not for me. It is gluten free though so give it a go!

Who doesn’t love a healthy fruity snack on the go? Freee by Doves Farm have released this apple oat bar which tastes great and makes you feel great also. I love that they have avoided so many allergens with this also! 

Crisps! Seabrooks hand cooked cheese and onion crisps went down a storm with my boyfriend. He’s a big fan and recommends them! 

Sanex Zero body wash is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It doesn’t have any fragrance but still smells great. They have geniuses working there! 
So yes! That’s the goodie bag reviews! If this had led you to want to try any, here are the links below! 

Sanex    Seabrooks   Itsu    Noughty   Doves Farm   Beauty&Go    Sweet Freedom 

All Scribbled Out! ❤️ 

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  • The chocolate spread I would gravitate towards more because I love anything chocolate 😜 I have used the deodorant from Sanex before and it worked well for me, so I should check out the body wash too from that brand 😊

    • Haha me too! As soon as I saw the word chocolate, it was the first thing I picked up! Yes, definitely. It’s lovely to use so would definitely recommend! Thanks for the comment! ❤️

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