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Restaurant Review: The Pheasant Inn, Heathrow 🍴🍔

Hello and a happy Sunday to all! 

My list of things I want to blog about is growing as quickly as I’m eating the packet of crisps sitting next to me. So pretty darn quick then! 

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite restaurants because I think reviews are really helpful but also because I like to give credit where credit is due. And it is definitely due here! The Pheasant Inn Restaurant is for me what British Grub is all about. It has a lovely cottagey feel to it with low wooden beams, hidden corners if you’re wanting a quieter conversation and the staff are always a delight. 

The restaurant is located approx 5 minutes from Heathrow airport and is known for its wonderfully huge portions, it’s high quality of food and for me, the fluffiest chips you could ever dream of. Seriously, they are a dream. Having worked for Heathrow before, we used to always go there for leaving drinks, celebrations and work meals etc but even now my workplace is nowhere near that side of the airport, I still always find a reason to go back. 

I was there this Saturday sat outside in the beer garden with the best burger I’d had in ages and with the sunshine beaming onto my back and it was all I wanted for a Saturday afternoon. They are allergy friendly and ask lots of questions to ensure you’re happy with your food- they are also very reasonably priced for the portion sizes they give. You can find a wide range of food on their menus from lunchy bits like jacket potatoes and rolls to insanely yummy burgers and steaks but you must try their lamb shank! To die for!

Chicken Mayo Burger with chips and Coleslaw

Photo snapshot from their website

I honestly cannot recommend this place enough and it’s definitely the best in the area! You can find more about them if you click here and I’d definitely suggest to pay them a visit if you’re flying from Heathrow and have some time on your hands. 

All Scribbled Out ❤️

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