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Push for progress

Push for progress

I know International Women’s Day was a few weeks ago but I’ve deliberately posted this late because I think the topic of women’s successes and the push forward for gender equality is something we should be talking about every day of the year. The word feminist means lots of different things to different people and it’s not a word I identify myself with if I’m honest- so I decided to write up a poem to fully express how I feel.

I’d love you to let me know what you think!

Push for progress

We’ve come a long way, but we push for progress,

We didn’t come this far for us now to regress,

We’re more than just a pretty face, deeper than our looks,

Our achievements etched all over history books.

Society was shaken with Pankhurst on the scene,

Her relentless efforts towards the equality dream,

Her dream became reality, and with the suffragette movement,

The right to vote won and for women, an improvement

We fast forward to today, a cocktail of perceptions,

We hear the word equality but also misconceptions,

We seek the opportunity to reach our maximum potential,

But that’s hard when being male is sometimes viewed as quintessential.

We’re hungry, we’re fierce, we’re empowered and skilled,

We seek a world where respect is forever instilled,

We’re not man-haters, we want a world that is peaceful,

But one where we’re not seen as anything less than equal.

Some countries moving quickly, some not wanting to fight,

Some streets not safe for women to walk alone at night,

Suppression, assault, rape and abuse,

The above shouldn’t be overlooked, despite religion or views.

The world is looking brighter though, a buzz now fills the air,

Inspirational women filling our news feeds everywhere,

Malala, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson to name a few,

Leading the way for women with campaigns like #Metoo

It’s time to come together, males and females at one,

To celebrate how far we’ve come, but to ensure we carry on.

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