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How to be organised at Christmas!

How to be organised at Christmas!

Everyone’s different- some of us have our presents in, wrapped and sitting in the spare room ready for Christmas and it can only have just turned September. Others have some bits in but will wait closer to December to get there main presents in. And then you have the last minute dashers who hate the thought of an early Christmas shop and who run around their local town grabbing what they can and wrapping it the night before Santa pays a visit. Me? I’ve done all of these options but after being organised and prepared this year, I’m feeling pretty good about it! (Okay, its thanks to my super organised other half but I’m still not bad!)

There’s a way to be organised for Christmas?

Yes! Of course there is and there is still time to implement it. Here’s what I did and how it helped..

  • Spreadsheet! Yes, it sounds lame but I monitor my spends on a spreadsheet anyway and added a tab especially for Christmas. I wrote down a list of everyone I was buying for this Christmas and the amount I’d be looking to spend. It allowed me to see things much clearer and I could then shop around for the right amount rather than risking spending a fortune on one and not having enough for the other!
  • Early shopping trips! A few early trips to your local town or retail outlets can help massively. You beat the crowds rather than having to physically beat the crowds if you go later in December aha! You have a good chance to properly look around and it’s much more enjoyable.
  • Check what you have! There have been many a time when I have bought a present earlier on in the year and I have completely forgotten about it and then bought something else. Lucky for the recipient- not lucky for my purse!
  • Shop online! If you see something in a store and you think it’s the perfect present, have a quick shop online before you jump in and purchase it. This applies definitely to branded items where you could save a chunk of money and put it towards someone else’s. Your loved one still gets the exact same present and you can buy another present with what you save!
  • Sales sales sales! They are everywhere and you can predict them pretty easily. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Black Friday just to name a few and they are on the run up to Christmas. Check your inbox for the deals you have emailed to you everyday and just see what they’re offering- let’s face it, you’ll only be on Facebook reading memes otherwise!


Seems like a lot of hassle? Is it worth it?

Uh yeah! It’s definitely worth it but it’s not for everyone. It depends on whether you’ll benefit from it or not. For me, I know I’ll massively benefit from it as I hate the last minute stress. I can budget for it across a few months and feel comfortable knowing I won’t be left dry in December. I also absolutely love buying presents for other people and thinking about what they’d like and for that reason being organised gives me enough time to buy what I think they’d like, rather than what I can find last minute.

Also, Christmas is a lovely time and should be spent with family and friends so why not make the most of it and spend it as it should be- using your time off to eat boxes of after eights and pouring yourself a few more brandy’s. Never had a brandy in my life…

Soph x


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