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Holidays with food allergies/IBS 

Holidays with food allergies/IBS 

It’s so easy to write blog posts about the beautiful things in life; the places you’ve visited on holidays, the sights you have seen and the memories you have made. I’ve decided to write this blog post in a rather different light, that light being about holidays as a sufferer of IBS and food allergies. It’s not easy! In fact it’s something that plays on my mind before the flight and even when I’m considering what countries to visit. 

‘Can I eat there?’ 

‘Will my stomach be okay with their food?’ 

‘What happens if I can’t eat anything?!!!!’ 

So I’ve decided to write this in a few points which some readers may relate to! 

  1. The pre-booking of the holiday! I often book holidays based on the fact that it’s a place I want to visit, have heard good things about and mainly because I want to escape the daily grind for a bit! It’s normally after I’ve booked the flights and paid for the damn thing when I think about the food that could be there. Most people would be drooling at the thought! I however clench my stomach in fear of trapped wind, bloated stomachs, diarrhoea and itchy skin break outs. Gross I know, but having an intolerance to lactose and allergies to tomato, banana and soya make it difficult to pick from a menu without running risks of these symptoms! 
  2. At the restaurant! Okay so I could opt for the prawn risotto and hope it doesn’t have milk? Nope, lets play it safe and have the 20th hamburger this holiday because i know it’s safe! Also, conversations with restaurant staff normally start with ‘does this have *enter food allergy here* in it?’ with the answer being a smile because they didn’t know what you said or ‘mmm, I don’t think so!’ Oh, shit! 
  3. Ordering from the menu! Okay so can I have the bacon cheeseburger and fries please? But can I have it without the cheese, without the burger sauce it comes with and with no tomato either? You then get the look that everyone gives- god this girl is fussy! Babe, if I could eat it, trust me I would!! 
  4. Summer clothes during a IBS sesh! So, you’ve eaten what you shouldn’t have eaten whether it was just a risk or through cross contamination and you feel the symptoms kicking in. The IBS monster is filling your tummy with painful gas whilst twisting it also and your stomach is beginning to make you look like your 3 months pregnant. You cover your stomach with your bag to avoid having people ask whether you’re having a boy or a girl (actually, I’m about to give birth to something not so cute and small 🙈😂) and you hate the fact it’s so hot and you can cover your food baby bump. It’s a real pain this one!
  5. When your boyfriend has ice cream! Okay so you can tell from the title of this one that this has happened to me this holiday! My boyfriend has been getting ice cream each night and it looks so darn delicious. I just sit their drooling and he feels bad. No he doesn’t, he’s just in ice cream heaven! It’s super hard (even more so on holiday) when people eat the things you so desperately want but can’t have! Someone get me a bowl of sorbet!!!! 

So there you have it, the main troubles I’ve experienced this week. Also, a before and after picture of my food allergy bump! I hope this may help someone else who suffers the same as me or something similar and do you know what? Be yourself, show that bump and don’t let the IBS monster win. You got this, you can do holidays too! Look at me,I might have a swollen tummy and some hidden wind but I’m still alive and kicking! 

All Scribbled Out❤️

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