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Brunch at The Bluebird 🕊

Brunch at The Bluebird 🕊

I’ve always been a fan of Made in Chelsea and although I know the scenes are dramatised and the scripts written, it’s always left me wanting to explore Cheslea and see what all the fuss was about. Me and one of my girls from Uni used to watch it with chocolate every week and giggle about all the dramas whilst taking our mind off of the day to day uni dissertations and dramas of our own. 

If you have watched it then you will know that they tend to eat at lovely restaurants whether it be catching some food or having a Bloody Mary to get them through their hangovers. We decided to visit the Bluebird restaurant for brunch one day and then have a wonder around Chelsea. We were slightly confused at the start as there is the restaurant and the cafe which are separate in terms of buildings, prices, menus and vibes. We had booked for the restaurant which was upstairs. We wondered up and then were seen to our table. The place was beautiful- high ceilings, greenery including the most gorgeous coloured plants and then a lovely layout of cute tables and cushions. Once we had sat down, we were presented with their brunch menu which was a deal of either 2 courses for £25 or 3 courses for £30. 

My eyes were quickly growing bigger than my stomach so I settled for a main and a dessert and my friend went for a starter and desert because she eats such mini amounts! The drinks menu had your typical drinks on there and as it was early and quite a warm day, I opted for a freshly squeezed apple juice which I must say was absolutely gorgeous. Even if it was £4 for a small glass but hey- that’s what’s expected in that neck of the woods. We sipped away and then our food came. I had opted for the Chicken Caeser burger with avocado and fries. It was glorious! The chicken and avocado was so fresh and the fries left you wanting more. Portions were small however it was only brunch so was plenty to fill me up. Sandra decided

on crushed avocado and poached egg on sourdough which was equally beaut. 
Desserts! Mango sorbet for me and what looked like amazing salted caramel profiteroles for my lovely friend. 

As I have food allergies, I often worry about eating out for reasons such as cross contamination, oily and greasy foods and the panic of knowing it could all be ruined by one of these things however The Bluebird has such fresh and good quality produce that I actually left feeling good. My stomach felt healthy, I felt vibrant and happy even if I didn’t see any of the celebs from Made in Chelsea! 

The staff were extremely professional and the customer service was bang on- something I always look for when eating out as it makes the experience an extra lovely one. I definitely recommend The Bluebird whether you’re a Made in Chelsea fan or not. It’s priced well for the area and is set in a beautiful place. After our meal, we had a walk around Chelsea and then through Battersea Park to do our favourite thing- puppy spot! So many poochies having a wonder round in the sunshine. 

Looking forward to exploring Chelsea further and trying out some other local restaurants however it’s safe to say I would happily return to the Bluebird. 

Happy Easter everyone! 

All scribbled out ❤️

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