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5 Reasons You Should Plan Ahead

5 Reasons You Should Plan Ahead

I used to be someone who went with the flow, let others make plans and just go along with their plans. I then met my other half who loves a good plan and is extremely organised. At first, I found it quite hard to adjust to his heavy planning but after living with him for just over a year now, I have really seen some benefits to his way of thinking.

I still keep my spontaneous side there ready and waiting for when I want to make last minute plans but I am starting to warm to planning ahead and here’s my reasons why…

It’s great for your mental state

Before I got into this planning ahead mode, I used to wake up on the weekend and just see where the day would take me. Normally, it would end up with me watching box-sets, staying in the warm and not really moving. Sounds quite nice actually now I’m saying it back, but what it can do is put you in a very introvert mood. You don’t interact with many people and you have A LOT of thinking time which can result in feeling a bit low and under the weather. Recently, by planning ahead, I have been going out, getting more fresh air, seeing friends and family more and I feel happier in myself and also more confident.

You can budget!

Urgh, do you hate the word budget as much as I do? It makes me realise that I can’t go out and buy the handbags I so desperately want. Oh wait, no it doesn’t! By planning ahead, you know what you’ll be doing for the next month or so and you can budget for how much those plans should cost you. For example, I have a friend coming next weekend so I have put money aside for us to have the best and most fun weekend together. If I didn’t budget for it, I could have reached the end of the month and be trying to find money to enjoy myself. Again, knowing you’re in a good financial position because you have been organised makes you feel so much more positive and also a little bit proud of yourself

You have things to look forward to!

Whether it be a holiday you’ve had planned for ages, your best-friend’s wedding or just date night with your other half, you have that date to look forward to. You can make plans together and it really helps get you through a week of work knowing you have something to look forward to at the weekend.

You’re no longer the friend that doesn’t plan

This is one that I have found most applicable to me. I had fallen into the trap of letting everyone plan everything for me and I had relied heavily on my friends for putting plans in the diary and just going along with it. It’s not always easy to get everyone’s dates matched up and to organise reunions/holidays etc but your friends will appreciate you getting involved and helping. Give that one friend who’s always doing it a little break at least!

You won’t feel so guilty having a lazy day

Sometimes, I used to feel a little bad for having a chill day in my pjs surrounded by Jaffa Cakes and fixed to my phone. Now what I do is plan something normally for the Saturday and use the Sunday as ‘my day’ which means I know I have done both and then I feel like I’ve really enjoyed my weekend and I’m ready to go back to work all fresh like a daisy!











Do you plan ahead? Or do you feel better having a more spontaneous life? Let me know by leaving a little comment!

Soph x

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  • I loved this post! I’m such a sucker when it comes to planning things, I think because it helps to keep my anxiety at bay, I’m the worst person when it comes to being spontaneous! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

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