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30 Day Step Challenge

30 Day Step Challenge

We all have those moments where we go to try on a new outfit or happen to reach up to grab something and we see our muffin tops have increased in size. Ironically enough, it makes you want to cry into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (or at least a lacto-free ice cream for me). More recently, I have seen a difference in my appearance and a tightness in my jeans and although many people would look at me and probably call me slim in comparison to the average person- I still feel like I have become unhealthy and unfit.

The moment of truth for me happened twice actually. Once was when I ran up the stairs at work (no, of course i wasn’t late!) and as I reached the office i could hear just how loudly i was panting. It was super embarrassing and I couldn’t believe that at 26 years old, I had been defeated by a few flights of stairs. The second time was when I was home recently and my Nan made a passing comment that i’d put some weight on. She actually thinks it was for the better and said I was looking really good and healthy however we all know that Nan’s like to fatten us up and I wasn’t going to miss the hint that yes I have put some weight on.

So I think it’s time I did something about it. Now, I know that if i join the gym, i’ll go for a few weeks, pretend i’m enjoying it, run out of steam and end up paying the next 4-6 months of gym membership without actually going and thus wasting money i’d rather put towards a holiday. So I needed a different option- I could go to the lake near me and go for a stroll/jog however if its raining then that gives me an excuse to sack it off and curl up on the sofa.

That’s when I realised that actually, right outside my apartment door is probably one of the most effective ways of losing weight and equally toning up at the same time. Funnily enough, its the one thing that made me realise just how unfit I was/am in the first place. Yes, the stairs!

I’ll admit it, I always get the lift because i’m such a lazybum however changing my routine to taking the stairs twice a day wasn’t going to make the cut. So…30 day step challenge it is! 30 days to start with to see how much difference it makes to my fitness and if any to my weight but then to potentially increase the amount of steps depending on how I cope!

Numbers game:
7 flights of stairs (each with 9 steps on each and 1 flight with 12 steps)
Total steps: 75

Challenge: To do 10 rounds of going up and down the stairs equaling 750 steps each day.
*1 round =going all the way to the top and coming back down to the bottom*

Must step on every step and not skip any.
Only exceptions can be when going away and not being in the apartment to partake.
Must do 10 rounds!

So there you have it- my new challenge. I plan on keeping you updated as best I can across the next month with maybe a weekly post on how I’m feeling. I’m away for 3 days where I won’t be able to do this over the next month however I can do something similar to ensure i’m keeping up with the fitness.

Wish me luck and let me know how you improvise with exercise and training? 🙂




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