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3 ways to save money this year!

3 ways to save money this year!

So I’ve always been one for a bargain which always helps save the pennies in the long run (LOL that sentence just read penises and not pennies, close call!) and this year I’ve tried to think of new ways to shave off those extra costs and I’ve really seen it make a difference. For once I feel on top of my savings and in much more control.

I’ve listed the below tips that you may already be doing, but if you’re not then I’d definitely recommend them so you can see how much you could save. Let’s face it kids, the world ain’t a cheap place to live.

1.) Car insurance negotiations

If you’re anything like me, you may blink and see the car insurance renewal quote come flying at you in what feels like a few months rather than a year. I couldn’t believe how many people just let their renewal roll over without shopping around! Sometimes a quick quote can save you anything from a few quids savings to even £££’s. Then you have the chance to choose whether it’s worth it to switch but at least you then know what was out there! Here’s what I do:

  • Chase for your renewal quote as early as possible and ask if there is anything cheaper they can offer and explain you’ll be looking elsewhere.
  • Once you have your quote, have a good old compare online. It will take approx. 10mins to add all your details on for a full extensive quote but it’s worth it. I usually find myself using compare the market or confused.com as I find them easiest to use.
  • If you find a quote that’s lower then great, you can choose to go with them if you want to however I’d ring your current insurers and tell them the new quote. If they can match it or even drop lower then it will save you the hassle of leaving.
  • I saved approx. £70 this year through telling my current insurers Admiral that I had a lower quote. They were wanting to keep me as a loyal customer and were more than happy to help me so I couldn’t be more pleased.

2.) My new fave: Topcashback

This is one of my new fave toys to play around with this year. It’s undeniable that the younger generations and now even older generations do their shopping online much more and if there’s a way to save more then surely that’s something we should all be interested in. Topcashback is a really simple way to make online shopping even more pleasurable- yes, really! I originally heard about them on Facebook after a friend tagged me in it and after exploring it a bit further, I was hooked.

For first time joiners, they often have some great deals where you can buy a product and be reimbursed for it. I bought some new marble bedding covers when I first joined and the money was paid back into my account within a few weeks which was brilliant.

So how does this magic work? Well, rather than going straight to your favourite websites to buy your goodies, you simply visit Topcashback first, search to see if the company you’re buying from is displayed and then follow the link. The link will then take you to the companies website where you’ll buy your goodies as normal and ta-dah, that simple.

What you’ll get back in return can really vary on the company itself however Topcashback make it really clear on how much money you will get back and they list the terms and conditions which is also really important to have a check through. With companies such as Mac, River Island and Asos you’ll be earning money back from shopping at your favourite brands and that’s just to name a few. The other sectors alongside fashion advertised are insurance, travel, entertainment and leisure, telecoms, utilities and so much more.

It can take a little while for you to receive your cashback however this doesn’t bother me as there is no money lost but definitely money gained!

3.) Christmas shopping in Summer?

Some of you may sigh in disgust at this one and that’s absolutely fine! I know some of you cannot even think about Christmas yet but for those that can, really have a think about buying some presents now if you can. We tend to wait till November/December to hit the shops and get the best deals we can for our family and friends and doesn’t our bank balance feel it. I was shopping the other week and saw something perfect for my Mum and couldn’t resist to buy it for her because I know she’ll love it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not buying all the presents now but just spreading them from now till December so I can enjoy December without panicking over the pennies at Christmas work drinks.

If you want to go even further and plan financially for Christmas, make yourself a little spreadsheet and set maximum amounts for each person. Sounds a little harsh? Not really, just allows you to shop with an amount in mind and keeps your purse strings that little bit happier. Christmas is for spending time with your loved ones, not getting yourself in debt! Ain’t nothing jolly about that!

I hope you’ve found something here in the form of a tip or thought you can take away with you to help you control your finances this year. If you do things differently or have any tips you’d like to share then please do, I always love to learn more!

Soph x

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