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Go make your own sandwich

I was at a conference this week for work and there were a number of speeches but one really got me engaged and has left me thinking ever since. The talk was about perception of women and in particular, when it comes to recruiting women to join the army. A female Officer stood in front of the crowd and delivered…

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Book Review: Am I Normal Yet?

I’m a big fan of reading- once i’m swept up in a good book, it’s all I think about for days. But there are some books that stay with you for longer whether it be just because it’s a great book or maybe because it pulls on your heart strings. This book was called ‘Am I Normal Yet’ and it…

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30 Day Step Challenge

We all have those moments where we go to try on a new outfit or happen to reach up to grab something and we see our muffin tops have increased in size. Ironically enough, it makes you want to cry into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (or at least a lacto-free ice cream for me). More recently, I have…

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Quotes to live by 🙌🏻

So I often search for quotes on google images and these searches are normally when I’m feeling strong emotions of some sort. It could be anger after an argument, motivational quotes on a Monday morning or something to tell me to challenge myself. So yeah, mood dependent. My normal routines goes like this…  Search for a good strong quote Find…

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Soaper Duper – the new love of my life 💚

Honestly, I’m not normally that loyal when it comes to body washes and shower gels nowadays only because there are so many that come out that I think look great and then once I’ve tried them, they don’t live up to how I’d hope. This time, it’s different. I’d seen Soaper Duper being advertised on Instagram and what attracted me first…

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