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Go make your own sandwich

I was at a conference this week for work and there were a number of speeches but one really got me engaged and has left me thinking ever since. The talk was about perception of women and in particular, when it comes to recruiting women to join the army. A female Officer stood in front of the crowd and delivered…

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My top 5 fave insta’s!

I’ve seen a few other similar posts to this where bloggers have listed their favourite instagram accounts or fellow bloggers that they like to follow. I spend so much time on Instagram and get so much of my inspiration from there so I thought why not share my favourite Insta accounts with you all and maybe you can share your…

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30 Day Step Challenge

We all have those moments where we go to try on a new outfit or happen to reach up to grab something and we see our muffin tops have increased in size. Ironically enough, it makes you want to cry into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (or at least a lacto-free ice cream for me). More recently, I have…

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