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Soaper Duper – the new love of my life πŸ’š

Soaper Duper – the new love of my life πŸ’š

Honestly, I’m not normally that loyal when it comes to body washes and shower gels nowadays only because there are so many that come out that I think look great and then once I’ve tried them, they don’t live up to how I’d hope. This time, it’s different. I’d seen Soaper Duper being advertised on Instagram and what attracted me first was that they were promoting the company as the new revolutionary skincare and soap brand- that will always grab my attention because it’s a pretty bold statement to make and I wanted to learn more. 

I spoke to a lovely lady called Marcia Kilgore who is the founder of Soaper Duper and she recommended it to me so after coming home from holiday and needing to purchase some skin products to re-hydrate my skin after all the sea water and heat, I thought I’d give it a go!

My thoughts? I’m obsessed. In fact, my boyfriend is also. We opted for the Shea butter body wash containing almond oil, Shea butter suds and pressed vanilla pods because we love the smell of vanilla! If I could eat it, I honestly would! (Please note: you definitely can’t eat it!). It smells insane and the best bit is, I can smell it on me after I’ve come out of the shower which is perfect as lots of other brands don’t. I can still smell vanilla right now! 😍 

It feels luxury and is luxury and is affordable with the products being priced between Β£5-Β£10. Another great thing? (YES, THERE ARE MORE!) is how great this product is for the environment. No microbeads which I think is really important and the bottles are recycled and recyclable so the bottles and green and the products are green. They support Water Aid and Clean The World and are ready to change the world to be a more positive a greener place all by using soap! And for that, I love it even more. 

Really excited to buy some more of their products and will update you on others ones I purchase but finally I think I’ve found my go to body wash and I can’t wait for my next shower! 

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