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Ring a ding ding!

Ring a ding ding!

So I think we are all in a little used to taking our rings off and just throwing them here and there- well at least I am anyway! I actually have only had my rings for a couple of years now as I never used to wear them but all in one go, I was bought three beautiful rings and I loved the fashion my fingers were wearing!

All my rings are from Pandora and they are really pretty. Of course, when bought they are the shiniest of all the shiny things in the world. After a little while though, they do tend to tarnish a little and after a week in the Croatian sunshine this summer, my rings wanted to give up. You could say they were slightly sunburnt as they actually went black.

I went into panic mode because I absolutely love them and they each mean something special to me as they are from different people (one from my mum, another from my boyfriend and one from my lovely auntie). I spent a couple of weeks researching online and there were loads of reviews and tips about how to polish silver and they all involved things like baking soda etc however I worried that something like that would make it worse. A trip to the lovely Pandora shop in Windsor soon sorted me and my sunburnt rings right out. They sold me a polishing cloth for £3 and it worked an absolute treat.

The woman behind the till told me to use the polish first and that if it didn’t work then to use a baby toothbrush and some fairy liquid and to just gently brush the rings. The most important part of this bit is that you should not do this with any rings that have stones in. I used the polishing cloth first and I spent about 10 minutes on each and within seconds the cloth was turning black! Gross, I know but I was glad to see my rings coming back to life again!

They have now been revived back to their normal shiny selves and I’m super made up that it was all that simple. My cloth is there for when I next need it and I would definitely recommend buying one even just to keep your Pandora rings clean as you wear them rather than waiting for them to get to the state that I did with mine.

Polishing cloth: £3
Pandora Rings (soooo many nice ones at the moment!)

Hope this helps you ring-wearing beautiful bunch.

Soph x

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