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No greys allowed 🚫❌💇🏻

No greys allowed 🚫❌💇🏻

Let’s face it, the morning you wake up, brush your locks and see a shiny piece of grey hair sitting right on your perfectly parted scalp..it ain’t gonna be your best day. 

I’m 26 in a couple of months and I currently have pretty clear and obvious grey roots. Not all over, just the few here and there but they are wirey little buggers and it causes me serious stress that people will see them or comment on them. They started when I was about 21 and obviously they never seem to go away. Some of you lucky people may not get them till your much older and some will get them as early as your teens however one thing I think we need to do is accept them. 

Okay you little grey minxes, I know you’re there but after a few product applications- will everyone else? So I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to a few tips I’ve been using to handle the grey coverage and I must say..I feel much better about the whole situation. 

Now I’m naturally dark and normally stay that way so I’ll be talking about this from a brunette point of view. These options are available for blondes and other shades though so don’t worry! I want to let you know about a few products that are suitable for different purposes but that I have found really helpful! 

Quick fixes!

  • Superdrugs colour fix (middle product in the photo) is great for a quick fix. It is essentially a colour spray to spray on your roots and other grey patches and does what it says on the tin. There were some other more expensive brands however I felt this would do me just fine. 
  • Pros: nice and quick, really affordable, small can to carry around with you if needed. 
  • Cons: doesn’t dry quickly at all however I spray, wait a few seconds and then blot it with a little but of toilet paper and that works a dream as it just takes off the moisture but not the colour. 
  • Used most once washed my hair and able to cover any freshly washed greys which are usually springy! 
  • Tips: Shake first, spray and blot-wash hands after and ensure all is dry before putting on clothes etc as colour can come off on hands if not careful. 

The double whammy! 

  • So the first product in the photo is the Girlz Only Dry shampoo which is made for brunettes and contains brunette colour spray within-genius! I bought this from Tesco on a whim and didn’t realise it has the colour spray in it so was pleasantly surprised. Again, really affordable and just a couple of pounds 🤗.
  • Pros: Great for when you NEED to use dry shampoo to freshen up your roots but get the added bonus of grey coverage too. Nice and quick and gives you a bit of volume too which is never a bad thing. 
  • Cons: not ideal for carrying around in your handbag as quite a tall can. Really have to rub the product in to get the full benefit of the spray as dry shampoo can often leave that grey type colour residue on your hair but once rubbed in you do get the benefit of both the shampoo and colour. 
  • Most used in between washes- no need to use once freshly washed but handy for when needed! Great for next day curly hair. 
  • Tips: Shake first, spray a little distance from your roots, rub it in to get rid of they grey powdery bits and don’t forget thing like fringes and bits near your ears to get the best look. 

Longer term fix

  • Nice n’ Easy root touch up is one of my faves and the one I rely most heavily on! I wouldn’t normally advocate box dyes because I know they are not great for hair however as I have looked after my hair, it never seems to go dry so I feel confident to continue using this product. 
  • Pros: super quick to do and gives a long term (in comparison to the above products) solution to those pesky greys. Costs about £5 in supermarkets but often there are deals if you buy two boxes. Nice fresh and shiny look afterwards. 
  • Cons: I know my colour however you’d really need to look at the options for your own colour otherwise you might have different colour roots to the rest of your hair! Box dyes aren’t the ideal way forward however if you look after your hair and its in good condition then should be fine. If you have thin hair that is falling out then I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • Most used when my greys are just driving me up the wall and to get me through to my next cut and colour at the salon. Gives me much more confidence and stops my grey anxieties taking over! 
  • Tips: use mainly on roots and other grey areas. Part your hair and use the little brush provided to spread the colour and aim to get full coverage. If you have dark hair then leave it for a little longer especially for stubborn greys however if your hair is lighter then just watch the time! 

So there you go! A few fixes of mine to make you feel more confident with those greys. As a super quick fix, you could always use the old trick of applying a thin layer of mascara to your roots; this makes them stick down so they aren’t standing out clear as anything on top of your head! Just make sure you have the right colour- I always use a brown mascara as black is too dark and just makes my hair look like it has gloopy dark patches on my head! A thin brush macaws is better so you don’t get all the gloominess but you get the colour you need. 
Let me know what you do to help cover your greys! It could be something I add to my routine! 😊

All scribbled out ❤️

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