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New year, new.. mascara?

New year, new.. mascara?

So I don’t actually take resolutions too seriously but one thing I knew I needed this year was to start it with thicker lashes and to buy me a new mascara. The reason I love blogging is because you get the best reviews from other bloggers right there waiting for you so I decided to read a few reviews and weirdly, I went with one that had mixed reviews!

Weird right? Why not go for the best reviewed one that everyone was shouting about? I honestly don’t have the answer for that- maybe how my bizarre brain works but I think I was sold on this beauty due to the pretty packaging and rose gold colour. All companies have to do now is make things rose gold and we fangirl all over it! So you can consider that bandwagon officially jumped on!

Maybelline New York- Lash Sensational 💚

I mean, how pretty is this?! Mirrored and pretty and pretty and mirrored. So I was all over it when I picked it up in Boots and do you know what? I love it!! It gives me the loveliest thickest lashes without going too overboard which is something that does matter to me actually- it doesn’t clump and it’s curved brush makes it super easy to apply. Gets right in the corner and gets to every lash without the risk of splash back on your lovely lids. If I’m completely honest, I can normally tell how much I rate a mascara by its ability to hold itself after a slightly emotional day or night. After a few tears (I’m all good now, don’t worry!) on the weekend, this lovely little thing kept my eyes looking pretty normal and didn’t even get close to smudging all over my face. Absolute result. Will be purchasing again and definitely recommend it to those who look for a waterproof, non clunky mascara that does the job wonderfully.

Eyeliner- Should be WHYliner? 😩

So you’re in boots and the rule is you can’t just buy one thing! So I had a wander around and I thought it would be best to face my fears and try this year to master the art of eyeliner flicks and tricks and whatever else they’re known as. This is probably one of the most frustrating things for me. I see so many gorgeous eyes all over the shop with the prettiest eyeliner and honestly, how people get them looking so even actually baffles me. So I bought a pen which I have been told was my first mistake because I need a gel dipstick type product? I’ve tried everything and this was just as much a fail as the rest of them! I would say it’s easier to use and I actually love the level of pigment and crispness it gives but I just cannot master the technique. I respect anyone reading this now who has gotten this down to a t. I also am very much aware that I’m so behind on this trend that by the time I figure it out, it will be old news and we will have moved to something else. Story of my life! Anyway, I bought Maybelline’s Master Precise liquid eyeliner and I must say I do actually quite like it. I just need to practice more and try and find some better tips than just hoping for the best! If anyone can assist, I’d be forever your best friend.

So I love my new purchases, would definitely recommend them and if you’re wanting to buy them for yourself then Boots have the best deals I have found do far so definitely pay a visit! I got them on offer as buy one, get the second half price.

Soph x

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