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Hair me out! 

Hair me out! 

I called this blog post ‘Hair me out!’ rather than ‘Hear me out’ because today I want to talk about going to the salon for a haircut. For some of you, it will be the perfect day out where you can get pampered, can relax and can walk out feeling like a new woman after a good gossip with the hairdressers. For others, it’s that appointment that you know you have to make but would ideally put off for as long as possible as you dread the thought of making awkward conversation and the fact that it could all go wrong. 

I fit in the middle of both of these scenarios. I actually found a really amazing hairdresser not too far from my old work however I no longer go to that area and feel it would be an absolute mission to go all the way there with the cost of petrol etc. Plus, getting you hair done down south is super expensive- how girls manage to pay for it baffles me! So I decided that as I’m up north this weekend, it would be an ideal time to get it cut at a salon I’ve been to before but also for more than half the price. I made the appointment and after a 4 hour drive up north, I was actually looking forward to it. I wanted someone to pay me attention, to ask about me and to have some me time (this isn’t something you should feel guilty about!). 

Sadly, it didn’t quite go to plan. The salon I went to has gone down massively in my estimations- it looks much older, less clean and the girls there were dressed in track suits and didn’t look like they’d even looked after their own hair never mind mine. I know that sounds really picky but when your hairdresser has shoved their matted greasy hair up and had food spilt on their top, it didn’t fill me with the greatest confidence. Last time they all looked more professional and smiley! 

I tried to stop being so silly and just tried to relax. They asked me what I was looking for. I never used to be honest with my hairdresser but I have learnt to tell them when to cut a little more off or if you want extra layers etc- they much prefer you to ask and leave happier in my opinion. I told them that I had finally got to a stage where I had lighter tones in my hair and that I wanted to keep it light with warmer tones. They matched it up, put it on and left me with some magazines and what was a very rusty smell that seemed to be lingering.

After about 50 mins, they washed it off and were complaining about how the hot water was only making them hotter on what was an unusually hot day in the UK. I felt for the girl, she looked exhausted however I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable as she didn’t want to be there. A different girl came over to cut and dry my hair and she honestly couldn’t be more negative. ‘Why did I become a hairdresser when it means you have to work in this heat?’ and ‘Urgh, your hair is so thick and long- all I’ve had is long hair to do this week and I just keep thinking, no more!’

I was honestly gob smacked. It wasn’t even in a jokey way! I just wanted the whole experience to end! I also left with hair darker than when I went in with even though I asked for light?!! Luckily, I still like it but just not what I wanted! 

What’s important to you when you go for a haircut? Are you fussy/open minded? Do you think the customer service side is important ?

Let me know! 

All scribbled out ❤️

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